Special Occasion Hair – £15

I am able to provide a hair up service for all occasions – such Prom hair, Wedding hair and hair for other special events. I use classic and professional hair products to ensure your hair stays put throughout the day/night and that give the best results.

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Individual Eyelash Extensions – £30

Individual lashes are one of my favourite enhancements I offer. They completely transform the eyes and face giving you a naturally beautiful look – and the massive plus is that you, the client, do not have to wear mascara on a daily basis – Bonus!

Extensions take roughly two hours to apply, and the process involves using medically graded adhesive to glue one single synthetic eyelash to one of your own individual eyelashes. During a full set, anywhere between 30-60 lashes can be applied per eye depending on your natural lashes. Extensions will not damage your natural lashes, and I can provide a number of lengths, thicknesses and curls as well as different lash effects (cat eye, doll eye, flirty, etc).

Once your set is complete, clients will take home a sheet with aftercare instructions and a spoolie brush to maintain the eyelashes between appointments. Infills are required every 2 weeks to maintain the fullness of the lashes, however infills are not essential and clients are free to let a full set grow out with the natural lashes, or come back for a removal.

Please note that all information provided is based on proper aftercare and advice.

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