2 month Slimming World update… 

Hey guys. So a couple of people said they would be interested in reading a post like this, and to be honest I just felt like sharing as it’s good for keeping me on track and reflecting back on progress. 

As most of you know 2 months ago I started my slimming world journey (again) and so far the results have been good. What I love about slimming world is definitely the fact that no matter what anyone says, it is a lifestyle choice more than a diet. It really teaches you to cook and prepare meals from scratch and just generally make better food choices. 

In terms of progress I have a few pictures which I will post now and go into further details further down the blog… 

So initially I lost most of the weight from my face and arms, and now as I’ve gone to lose further it’s started coming off my stomach and legs. So far I’ve lost just over a stone and a half, however in my before photos above I have no idea what I weigh… I only know what I weighed on 1st January. Said picture was taken last summer. 

In terms of sizing I was wearing a 20 in most things mainly for comfort – I have no problem talking about sizing, people can think what they want to be honest as it’s not like I was happy there, I was just rolling with it and the main thing is that I’m not there anymore. I’ve since then dropped to a size 16 and in some looser/more stretchy things I can just about make a 14 which I am a lot more happy with. 

I finally feel like a normal human being again and whilst I’ve still got a long way to go, I am content with the progress I’ve made. It’s done not only wonders for my physical appearance but there have been numerous “non-scale victories” that have occurred over the last few weeks that I will share in another blog post. 

In terms of meals I do like to keep things simple but occasionally I will change things up a bit. See my instagram for more food pictures. 

I’ve amped up the exercise quite a bit over I’d say the last 4 weeks, however mainly focusing on cardio until I shift a bit more and then I will move onto weight training. I dabble in running, swimming, HIIT workouts and have even tried zumba which I really enjoyed. I’m so much fitter than I was 8 weeks ago which is amazing and I feel so much better for it. I find that combining exercise with the diet really keeps me motivated. 

I’m still having cheat days on Fridays and I’m not massively depriving myself of the things I want – I find that recently my cravings are a lot different and have subsided quite a lot generally. 

If you’d like to know more about my exercise plan or a more in-depth food diary please let me know. 

As I’ve said, I just wanted to create a lighthearted post to track my progress so I can look back on it. 

Hope you’re all doing well 

~ lucy 


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