One week on plan… 

I wasn’t originally going to share my weightloss journey with the Internet. I’ve always done it and it’s always been a let down when things haven’t worked out for me… And I tend to crack under the pressure of always needing to do what others are expecting of me. 

This time around I wanted things to be different. I’m not following a specific plan – more like doing a mixture of everything but mainly just being mindful of what I’m eating and trying to move around a bit more. (I know what you’re thinking, “that’s what she always says”). 

However, I thought some of you may be interested in following my journey, and it’s also a good way to keep myself on track. In this blog post I will explain what food and exercise I’ve been doing this week to help me lose half a stone – I generally always lose a hefty amount in the first week, so don’t feel like you have to lose this amount too. 

My starting weight this time has been the biggest it’s ever been which is a massive challenge but I am trying not to look at the numbers until I’ve lost at least a stone (lol). 

Foodwise I’ve mainly been following slimming world and just a general low calorie diet. For breakfast I’ve been having either a smoothie with almond milk, low sugar granola with fat-free yoghurt or a bacon and egg sandwich on gluten free bread. I am honestly not a breakfast person at all but it does help me stay on track and stops me from completely binging out when lunchtime hits! 

Lunch has generally been a bit more carb heavy… Something like chicken pasta with veg. I need to be more adventurous with lunches – I tend to find its what most people struggle with. Particularly for me it’s because most of the time I’m at work and normally trying to get through my shift without 1. eating everything in sight and 2.keeling over from starvation. Striking the right balance between being healthy and energising in the space of a 10 minute coffee break is still a long way off being perfect for me!  A work in progress if you like. 

This week I prepped all my “dinner” meals on Monday morning to last me for 3 days… I made spicy chicken with sweet potato and Broccoli. Not massively exciting I know but I try to spruce it up a bit with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and lots and lots of spices. Having the meals there in the fridge definitely helps keep me on track but after three days of eating the same thing I just had to try something different so I swapped the sweet potato for normal potato ((ha) I like boring food). 

Regarding exercise – I’ve done a bit – not loads but enough to aid me on my way to severe DOMS (have not missed that for the last 2 years) and the general feeling of “oh my god I’m going to kill myself if I have to carry on with this”. No but seriously, I’ve been keeping the sessions short (very short) and doing 15 minute HIIT sessions with a tiny amount of weight training thrown in there. I’ve also upgraded my fitbit this week from a flex to a charge 2, so I’m excited to start using that properly next week as my flex was becoming very old and battered! 

So yeah that’s the run down of how I managed to shift 7lbs in my first week back on plan after a very long hiatus! My goal for next week is to try my absolute best to shift another 7 but to be honest I’ll be happy with any loss. Fitness goal for next week is to start running again as it makes me feel amazing and does wonders at shifting the pounds quick! 

Hope you all have a good week on whatever journey you’re on. Let me know your health and fitness goals 🙂 

~ lucy 


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