Goals for 2017

With my blog posts particularly sparse over the back end of 2016, I thought I’d take the time to reflect upon last year and really think about the goals I want to set for the upcoming days ahead.

The first to be, obviously, to stop neglecting my blog and social platforms and to create more interesting content, exploring the creative side that I know I have. I’m also saying goodbye to my “Lucyybeauty” persona and hoping to create content about my life as a whole. A bit of everything really.

In 2017 I’d love to carry on my growing interest in photography, although I am still very much an amateur – the addition of a new lense to my collection over the Christmas period means I can explore different settings on my still bewildering DSLR and hopefully shoot some higher quality shots of different things, which leads me onto my next goal…

To get out and about more and plan some exciting new trips. We already have a couple of places lined up but I’d like to top next year off with visiting parts of Europe and hopefully a trip to our favourite place in the lakes.

I hope that next year sees a growth in my business as a beauty therapist and make up artist. I’ve worked so hard already to make it into what it is and I would love it to develop into something I can do full time.

And of course the general be healthy, lose weight, drink more water etc. Thing also comes into play. But no seriously, last year I really let myself go so I need to reign it in a bit in 2017. I think overall just taking care of myself and making myself into the best person that I can be.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to all the exciting things this year has planned for me and my family!

~ Lucy



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